"When your children spills accidentally while cooking a nice dinner, your lovely pet's urine odor before a friend's visit or just when you finally sat down to curl up with a book. Do not panic. Here's how to clean the stain fast and easily with our next generation technology. "

Kets Easy Life Stain Release Technology

We are passionate to provide new products and new technologies to our customers for their growth in the market. To carry out R&D projects on a more systematic and scientific basis, KETS established its R&D center in 2015 which is registered and supported by The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Our R&D department’s global partnerships and collaboration with other companies, universities and others are the key to meeting our customers’ needs in critical areas such as new product development, customized solutions and the protection of people and the environment.

We are glad to introduce you our next generation KETS Easy Life technology for residential and contract interior fabrics. KETS R&D engineers invented a new technology that revolutionize fabric cleaning process in a quick, and easy way without even washing. KETS Easy Life is applied to all kinds of KETS fabrics with various contents such as polyester, acrylic, cotton, viscose and linen. This technology gives the fabric life time permanent protection skill against to stains such as tea, coffee, juice, ketchup, pen ink, marker and oil.

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