We are excited to bring our expertise in upholstery fabrics to matress tickings with the same philosophy of putting the comfort and well being of users in center. Our state of the art production facilities ensure perfect quality for mattresses and our innovative technologies provide the perfect sleep and energetic mornings.


KETS is Europe’s leading upholstery fabrics supplier that designs, develops and manufactures fabrics for residential and contract industry. With having a talented in house design team we provide our customers high quality, high-value trendy fabric collections that are durable, comfortable and customized. Kets is an integrated mill which produces its own yarn from fiber, weaves and does not compromise from its quality in every stage of its quality.


Kets is a well known brand name in textile market with its exports to 80 countries all over the world is now on its way to becoming a leading brand in mattress fabric production. Known worldwide for its first quality production, KETS guarantees the same service in mattress fabric with our experience of more than 40 years, our new production facility with the last technology of 100 thousand square meters and our export experience to more than 80 countries.

All the projects we have started at Kets for all sides are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We continue on our way in a environmental-friendly way, within the scope of the European Union’s climate-related 2030 plans, with our goal of putting our new collections on the market as 50% recycle products.